Abhyanga (Full Body Herbal Oil Massage)

Abhyangamacarennityann sa jarasramavataha |
Drstiprasadapustayjayuh Svapnasutvadardhyakrt ||
Sirahsravanapadesu tam visosena silayet |
Varjyo thyanga Kaphagrastakrtasamsuduthajirnibhih ||

Daily abhyanga wards off old age, reduces vata, Bestows good vision, nourishes the body, increases longevity, sound sleep, and healthy skin. It should be done especially to the head, ears, and feet. It is not advised in cases of aggravated Kapha, just after purifactory treatments or in case of indigestion.
(Ref. Astanga Hrdayam )

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After I have been in Denis Hospital for 3 months for my shoulder problem. After I meet friends in Goa I decided to take Ayurveda treatments. Where I got the most funstastic treatments and my shoulder is fixed. I thank you both with my whole heart for helping me.

Niels Christian Frandsen