Like another world
Silent and calm
Like a moment of Prayers
Beautiful, Warm
Like a dream new created
Lighting and dark
Your hands were healing
The pain and the stress.
Thank you! Wish you and your partner all the best!


Like a Meditation the three of us became one. It was a beautiful experience to have these massages and I would recommend to you all.

Lyn Lucas

After I have been in Denis Hospital for 3 months for my shoulder problem. After I meet friends in Goa I decided to take Ayurveda treatments. Where I got the most funstastic treatments and my shoulder is fixed. I thank you both with my whole heart for helping me.

Niels Christian Frandsen

I come to Goa with a lot of stress in my body. You know work, work, work……….. And guess what, all the stress completely disappeared after the wonderful treatment. The rest of my holiday will even be better now! Thank very much!

Jolanda and Sascha

I took five days treatments and it was great! I know Ayurveda in Holland, I am also a massage therapist and I can tell you here it is Super! Its professional and the given treatments is done with joy and love you can feel it when you have a massage. It helps my restless mind and it helps me to forget the worries there are at home. I feel more relaxed than 5 days ago. So believe me you’ve come to the right place.

Anita Hellemons

I have had many massages in Goa. But this was the best comfortable and relaxing. I would definitely recommend this centre to others and will visit again next time, I am in Goa.

Anita Canu

I highly recommend this centre they have beautiful hands and Ayurveda knowledge. They really know how to balance your body. When I came next I will come again for 5 days or more as I did this year. Lovely to have a treatment of a couple of days!

Yuette Hooties Mewsing

Everything is impressive beyond description. After seven days treatments, I feel totally rejuvenated. A series of treatments was like secret ritual and gave me peace of mind and set me free from stress. It was amazing.
In addition yoga on the beach in India. My dream finally came true to perform Sun salution at sunrise feeling lovely cool breeze and to meditate surrounded by sound of waves were so great.
Above all, I am really touched by Dr. Vijay and Urmila’s warm personality and hospitality. They are not only professional but also very very considerate! Thanks to their warm care and advises. I had wonderful experience here, so I highly recommend this clinic to everyone! Dr. Vijay and Urmila, Thank you very much for beautiful treatments and your kindness. I wish your further success.
All the best!

Miwako ogino

This was my third treatment and it’s very good. All the treatment had a powerful effects so my body was in harmony and my mind was free, which gave me new joy and strength. I can only recommend shatayushi Ayurveda and Yoga wellness centre and don’t think just try one of the treatments and you have given your self a nice present which you will remember for good.

Irene Faergemann,Copenhagen

What a lovely, relaxing massage. The hot oil along my spine was particularly delightful as well as effective.
Thank you very much for a therapeutic and …………experiences.

Lisa Gouliel

I had severe back and neck pain, and this treatment really helps loosing it all up. The atmosphere is wonderful and extremely relaxing. I can highly recommend this to everyone.
All the best!

Nils Vindiy

The massage and other treatments are wonderful/ I can recommend it to everybody. The treatment gives a very nice Holistic feeling afterwards. Just try it.
Many greetings.

Pernille Forsten

First I want to say thank you because you are so kindly, helpfully. It has been a very good treatment. It is relaxing, It is simply the best. Thank you very much.


Thank you for your help and advice on natural treatments. The massage was good very relaxing, I will E-mail you how I am doing with My health.

Denise Remi

Very Nice and very Good massage liked the hot oil and two person massages. I will recommend it to others!!!


I have had massage many places in the world and also some times in Goa. The massage I had here was very special and the best I have had for a very long time maybe the best ever.


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Dr. Vijaykumar D. Nandvadekar is a registered Ayurvedic Physician with B.A.M.S. (Bachelor of Ayurvedic Medicine & Surgery) from Shivaji University, Kolhapur.  Read more ››

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